Art & Wine, Oh My Creative Resolution!

What is it? 

The Art & Wine, Oh My! Creative Resolution is your personal resolution for the month of January 2016.  It’s going to kick start your creativity for the year, push you to try new things, and keep you focused on expressing yourself.

How do I join the resolution?

It’s simple: do something creative every day, and document it.

What kinds of things would I do every day?

Ideas to get you started:  paint something, draw a doodle, take a photo, put together an outfit you never would have before, cook a delicious meal, fold some origami, sing a song, make a home movie, create a mandala, try some funky makeup, handwrite someone a letter, do a puzzle, color in a colouring book, make up a game, or anything else you can think of that would exercise your creativity.
Then post your creation under #AWOMRESOLUTION on Instagram.
We are excited to see what everyone creates in the month of January!