Jennie Thom

Jennie Thom is an Artist, Writer and Self-Empowerment Coach living and working in Bend, Oregon having arrived in 2009 after spending most of her life in California, New Mexico and South America. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from San Diego State University, she established her studio in Los Angeles and worked on many artistic projects including performance art, theatre set painting, illustration, advertising, artistic direction for independent film as well as solo and group exhibits.

In 1996, she went to Chile where she lived for a few years, teaching art and language, selling her work and exploring the continent. Returning to the US with many stories and adventures under her belt (might be a novel there?); she started a new life in Santa Fe, New Mexico and lived there for almost a decade very active in the art community selling her art there and at Fine Art Shows all over the country.

She then moved back to Chile and after one of those life changing cataclysmic disasters that she will always be grateful for, she arrived to Bend with two suitcases and her dog, having left absolutely everything else behind (definitely a novel there!). She started fresh on a new, exciting path here in the beautiful Cascade Mountains, embracing art again, writing and learning the art of life coaching using energy, meditation, the Law of Attraction, and more. She now blends her three passions together in her books and classes and paintings.

How can you become an Art and Wine, Oh My! Artist?

If you are an artist or art/craft instructor and wish to submit a proposal, email it to us at! We'll send you back an employment application - simply fill it out and email it back. We’d love to see some of your work with your application as well, either in pictures, on your website, or in person. We’ll keep your application on file for 1 year.