John Kish

John Kish is a brand new Bendite with a palate for anything creative! For the past few years he was a triple threat actor living in New York City and also attending Circle in the Square Theater School for two years. Previous to that he was finding creativity as he studied at Oregon state with a focus on sustainable and ecological horticulture. He's constantly dabbling in new mediums ranging from photography to clarinet performance and even American Mime; for which he thinks makes him an all around, well-rounded artist of stage, screen, canvas and beyond. He believes everyone has a fantastic creative being and warns all who paint with him that there will be singing involved, so they best be ready! (Unrelated side note: John prefers medium to dry whites or roses, unless it's an earthy red; also a huge fan of raspberry or pumpkin beer, just sayin'.) And with that, CHEERS!

How can you become an Art and Wine, Oh My! Artist?

If you are an artist or art/craft instructor and wish to submit a proposal, email it to us at! We'll send you back an employment application - simply fill it out and email it back. We’d love to see some of your work with your application as well, either in pictures, on your website, or in person. We’ll keep your application on file for 1 year.