Privacy Policy

We want to respect your privacy. During the paint events, we do reserve the right to take photos to be used for promotional materials and post to social media sites. If you do not want your picture taken for these purposes, you must EMAIL US and also REMIND US AGAIN when you arrive for your event.

If we post a picture that you want removed from one of our social media sites, please EMAIL US the request.

Email Newsletter

When you register for an Art and Wine, Oh My paint session, your email address is automatically added to our email contact list. We occasionally send out newsletters, specials, discounts, etc. If you wish to be removed from our email list, please “Unsubscribe” when you receive the email.

Contact Information

We will NEVER sell your contact information or allow another company access to information you gave us. We may however, on occasion, include information from our Business Partners in some of our email newsletters.