Become an Art and Wine, Oh My! Venue


Art and Wine Oh, My! is excited to bring this newest social trend to Bend! The Paint Party craze is sweeping the nation and we want to host at YOUR VENUE!

A AWOM Event typically brings 30+ people into your location on a slow night of the week to paint, eat, drink & socialize! We will transform your unused space into a regular event full of customers at no charge to you. You want entertainment — we ARE the entertainment. There is no mess – we use a non-toxic, acrylic paints that are easily cleaned up with water and a sponge.

What We Do

  • We will promote your AWOM Event on our robust social media outlets as well as print and produce flyers for you to use and promote.
  • We collect all AWOM Event participant fees. There is nothing for you to do but provide the space and sell cocktails/food.
  • We provide all painting supplies, take-away canvas, aprons, table covers and entertaining artist/instructor!
  • We provide our own music and DJ on a portable speaker set which will play when the artist is not giving instructions.

What We Need From You

  • A start date: 3-6 weeks is optimum for time to promote and generate excitement. We want a great crowd for your event!
  • Cocktails: you supply the cocktails to our AWOM Event participants. The bar bill will be higher if you have a proactive waitress who filters through the event picking up empty glasses and asking people for refills. The wait staff can start 30 minutes before the event and stay until 30 minutes after. There will be a rush as everyone arrives in the first 45 minutes, then they can cover a few tables while they also cover our event.
  • A space for 30 chairs and table area for 30 painters. We would like the tables cleared of all condiments, etc. and we will put down plastic table cloths to protect the tables.
  • 5 pitchers of water to fill our plastic water cups.
  • Lighting: the brighter the better! Painters like to see what we are painting!

Venue Request Form

To become a AWOM venue, please fill out the following information, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Feel free to include any questions and concerns you have about hosting Art and Wine, Oh My events.

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