Corporate Events

Are you looking for a fun and unique activity to do with your team?! Look no further! Art and Wine, Oh My! offers creative team building exercises that involve painting, sipping, and communicating!

Our paint & sip parties can be more than a fun social outing. They can also be team-building sessions that offer leadership development, promote camaraderie, celebrate a holiday, or just to say “thank you” to your team for a job well-done. Whatever the reason, we are here to make it a blast. And as a keepsake, each participant has their own original masterpiece to take with them.

Here’s how it works! You provide location, beverages and food of choice and we provide everything else. Paint, canvas, brushes, and aprons are provided as an experienced artist leads the group step by step through the process of unleashing their inner artist.

A few fun facts about our corporate painting parties: (1) these events reduce stress, (2) employees are able to communicate and bond together, and (3) they are tons of fun!

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