Art and Wine, Oh My! provides entertaining, social painting events. We do not provide any serious fine art instruction.

Please visit our CANCELLATION POLICY page for any questions about canceling or rescheduling.

Remember to wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on . . . even though we do supply aprons, spills and splatters may happen!

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By purchase or use of this Art&Wine Oh My! ticket, the ticket purchaser and/or ticket holder (the “Holder”) agrees that ART&WINE OH MY!, LLC (“ART&WINE OH MY!”) and each of its respective agents shall have the unrestricted right and license to use Holder’s image, likeness, name, voice, comments, or other proprietary or public rights in any broadcast, telecast or photograph and/or video and/or audio sound recording taken in connection with the event or other transmission or reproduction in whole or in part of the event, for all purposes, without compensation.

The Holder voluntarily assumes all risks incident to the event, including the risk of lost, stolen, or damaged property or personal injury. ART&WINE OH MY! reserves the right to revoke this license and eject or refuse entry to the Holder for violation of venue rules, illegal activity, misconduct, or failure to comply with any and all security measures and applicable laws.

In the event this ticket is purchased by/for or otherwise held by a minor (a “Participating Minor”), by permitting the minor to use this ticket for entry into the event, the parent and/or legal guardian of a Participating Minor consents to and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this revocable license on behalf of the Participating Minor.

Holder understands that individuals advertised to appear at the event are subject to change without notice and such appearances are contingent upon a variety of factors, including factors beyond the control of ART&WINE OH MY!. By purchase or use of this ticket, Holder acknowledges that Holder has purchased a revocable license to attend the ART&WINE OH MY! event as presented by ART&WINE OH MY! in its sole discretion, not an event with guaranteed appearances by a person or persons advertised to appear.

In further consideration for ART&WINE OH MY!’s grant of revocable license to Holder (i.e., for him/herself and on behalf of his/her spouse, child, children, heirs, executors, and administrators), Holder further agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless ART&WINE OH MY! and ART&WINE OH MY!’s subsidiaries, affiliates, successors, insurers, reinsurers and assigns, as well as their shareholders, directors, officers, employers and agents harmless against and in respect of any and all claims, demands, actions, proceedings, liability, losses, damages, fines and penalties, costs or expenses, including without limitation, attorney’s fees, disbursements, and court costs, made or instituted against or incurred by Company or such other indemnities and which arise, either directly or indirectly, out of any action or inaction of the Holder, or the their employees or representatives, in connection with any obligation of the Holder arising out of this agreement.